1. disgrace, dishonor, reproach, degradation, illrepute, bad repute, scandal; baseness, turpitude, debasement, vitiation, ingloriousness; ignominy, infamy, odium, opprobrium, condemnation; slur, imputation, aspersion, defamation, denigration, slander, libel, calumniation, vilification, smear, smirch, blot, blot on the escutcheon; stain, taint, tarnish, black spot or mark, blemish, smudge, brand, stigma, Inf. skeleton in the closet.
2. discredit, disfavor, disrepute, disrespect, obloquy, disesteem, loss of face; detraction, derogation, devaluation, depreciation, disparagement, belittle-ment, deprecation.
3. humiliation, mortification, humble pie, humbled pride; (all of oneself) guilt, remorse, shamefacedness, feeling of unfitness or unworthiness, disgust, hate, abomination, abasement; embarrassment, disconcertment, discomposure, discomfort, confusion, perplexity, abashment, bewilderment; chagrin, pique, vexation, displeasure, dissatisfaction, dislike, disappointment, discontentment.
4. misfortune, ill fortune, bad fortune, adverse fortune, adversity, bad luck, ill luck; calamity, disaster, catastrophe.
5. modesty, propriety, decency, respectability, sensibility, decorum, decorousness, moderation, fitness, appropriateness, honor, virtue, virtuousness, sobriety, pudency, Rare. pudicity; innocence, chastity, virginity, purity.
6. put to shame
surpass, outdo, outclass, outshine, outstrip, overtop, override, outrun, transcend, excel, exceed, best, beat; overshadow, eclipse, tower over, cast into the shade.
7. humiliate, humble, mortify, bring down, Inf. take or bring down a notch or peg, Sl. put down, make [s.o.] eat humble pie, Inf. make [s.o.] eat crow or his words, make [s.o.] swallow his pride, make lowly, meeken, chasten, subdue; confuse, abash, perplex, bewilder, confound, nonplus, dumfound; embarrass, put to the blush; vex, chagrin, disappoint, displease, dissatisfy.
8. impel, compel, constrain, induce, prevail upon, insist upon, cause; coerce, drive, force, press, commandeer, push, impress, bully, Inf. twist [s.o.'s] arm.
9. disgrace, dishonor, strip of rank or honor, degrade, abase, debase, vitiate, reproach; sully, slur, impute, asperse, slander, libel, calumniate, defame, denigrate, scandalize, vilify, blacken, smear, smirch, besmirch, taint, tarnish; stain, spot, smudge, brand, stigmatize, Sl. tlump on, drag through the mud or mire, heap dirt upon.
10. discredit, disfavor, disprove, refute, devaluate, depreciate, lower, reduce, depress; disparage, decry, belittle, deprecate, demean, deflate, detract, derogate.

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